We design and build software

We are passionate about writing code.

No matter how simple or complex, we can help you build your dreams.

Design & Development
Scalable Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API's. We focus on Ruby On Rails, Node.js and Erlang. Every code is built using Test Driven Development/BDD.

Customer Collaboration
Continuous feedback through the development process. No more waiting in the dark. You are part of the loop.

BigData & the Cloud
From relational databases to NoSQL and Key-Value Stores. We use PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Hadoop and Cassandra to persist your data.

Traditional Development is Broken

Small, iterative development cycles is the key to enabling new requirements and priorities to be incorporated. Customer-collaboration over predictive planning. A working version of the application is delivered to you as it's developed, not next year.

Our Tools

Our Team

We are a small team made up of two developers and a designer.